Germany to list France as COVID-19 high-risk zone

German chancellor Angela Merkel has declared that Germany will consider France a “high-risk zone for COVID-19” in a transit that will grow into effect from Friday.

On Thursday, angela chancellor Merkel announced the France country consider as a high-risk zone for COVID-19. The restriction of tighter transportation between the German and France countries is hinted at.

Germany considers France as a High-risk zone

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a contagious disease produced by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most maximum people who fall suffering COVID-19 will encounter mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany would distinguish France as a high-risk zone for COVID-19, in a move that could see Berlin toughen border authorities and require obligatory quarantine to access the country.

The Government of German federal, making arrangements the person who crosses the border have to declare the negative result of coronavirus test no more than 48 hours and quarantine for 10 days after entering Germany. The person who has self-tested twice a week only has an exception for these border controls.

According to the newspaper FAZ, the resolution will get into power on Friday. It will be published by the national health institute, the Robert Koch Institute. COVID-19 drift rates estimate the number of contaminations in every 100,000 people over the preceding seven days. It has spanned the outset of 200 in diverse French departments.

In Ile-de-France, the area which comprises the capital of Paris, it has crossed 600.

Border control announcement of Angela Chancellor Merkel

On Thursday, Chancellor Merkel said to a press interview in Berlin, as part of an EU summit focused on the fight against COVID-19, “While we see such a high incidence which took seven days that it is simply a necessity… a practically automatic process.”

“It is not related here to a political decision but when we see the evolution of the incidence rate — as is the case here — exceed the threshold of 200 for a long time that requires classification as a zone of high risk,” she added.

Furthermore, Chancellor Merkel hinted Thursday that France could enjoy special treatment. The country can now avoid strict border controls for public transportation, despite being classified as a high-risk area. She said, “There is a whole specific test procedure… that is in discussion with France.” The French state secretary Clement Beaune, for European Affairs, “is negotiating the easing of terms… to avoid the border being closed.” AFP learned on Thursday from his entourage in Paris.


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