Get ’20XX’ in the Epic Games Store while its free

Get 20XX in the Epic Games Store while its free

Epic Games store is offering rogue-like titles for free this week. 20XX is part of the trio of games available for download.

20XX turns six this year. But, it can still rival other titles in this genre. Batterystaple Games created this rogue-like action platform game and was first released in 2014.

Epic Game store fans may now get the game for free. It comes alongside Barony and Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery. These games are available for download until August 6.

20XX is a great platform game

20XX Gameplay

At first glance, 20XX looks pretty similar to Megaman X. But that is because 20XX is inspired by the game franchise. It even follows the same gameplay.

Players can either shoot or slice enemies to kill them. The levels are difficult to complete, as well. There are several platforming challenges included to finish a stage. It is pretty much similar to Megaman X.

However, the developers included a unique twist into the game.

All the stages are created randomly. The level appears depending on the “level segments.” This feature allows a multiplayer option. Both local and online co-op is available.

Besides the basic platform gameplay, 20XX has rogue-lite elements to it.

This game is not only difficult due to the platforms. There is a handicap on the lives as well. Instead of having several lives, players are given permadeath.

There are Soul Chips available in the game. It allows players to unlock new skills. These chips are also used to upgrade the character before trying once again.

Players may use bolts to buy passive upgrades. Bolts are also used to regenerate health and energy.  There are also upgrades found on several treasure chests scattered across a level.

Whenever a boss is defeated, players have two options. The first one is to gain powers that the dead boss has. The second one is to exchange the win for bolts plus a random passive upgrade.

20XX is similar to Megaman

Is it worth getting?

The short answer is yes. It is free, so there is no risk of getting the game today.

However, there is more to it than just a free game in the Epic Games store.

20XX shines because of its tough gameplay. Megaman is known for its difficult levels as well. But, 20XX has great responsive controls. This gives players the needed confidence to tackle every obstacle.

Besides, the levels are short. However, the challenge lies in the platforms and enemies. The bosses included are challenging to defeat as well. They are not impossible to slay. But, it needs a lot of practice to defeat them in one go.

For rogue-like fans, 20XX is a must-have. One may even consider it a sibling of Megaman.

All elements of a good platform rogue-like game are included here. 20XX offers a lot of content without sacrificing other features.

Download it and see how it easily takes hours of game time. That is how good 20XX is. It draws players in.

Images (1) (2) (3) courtesy of 20XX/Steam

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