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Get a chance to win an Xbox Series X through these campaigns


Microsoft’s next-generation console is already well on its ways to its release, which many anticipated would be insufficient to meet demands. But for a few lucky individuals, getting their hands on a new shiny console would boil down simply on luck.

As of writing, a few notable franchises within the United States are already well on their way to running a marketing campaign involving the upcoming console. Brands such as Butterfinger and Taco Bell being the companies at the forefront of the initiative.

Taco Bell campaign

Taco Bell, at the forefront of the tie-up with Xbox, was hardly surprising. It has been doing for the last three years, making its current effort its fourth in the row. Even going beyond four years from today, the partnership between the two brands go as far back as 2001—a time when the two teamed up for the launch of the original Xbox.

This year, Taco Bell is offering the chance to get an Xbox Series X bundle through a purchase. Specifically, either a medium or large drink, whether in person or via the Taco Bell app. Every purchase will include a code that enables a person to join the sweepstakes. Anyone can participate in the event up to three times a day.

Sweet deals

Butterfinger also runs a similar campaign, called Game with Butterfinger. But this will require the use of social media as a means for entry. While the method is completely devoid of expenses, it demands an active effort for multiple entries, and therefore, higher chances for winning. More specifically, the more a person invites to join in the sweepstakes event, the more entries he gets for the promo.

However, anyone who is eager to participate in the Butterfinger campaign will have to hold their horses for a short while. The event will not officially kick in until October 30, 2020.

For those who got the extra money, spending on two pieces of either Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Crunch, and 100 Grand bars also nets Xbox-related rewards. The first receipt grants an Xbox Game Pass that’s good for seven days. That’s week-long access to Xbox’s subscription program which, as Forbes put it, is the “Netflix of video games.”

From there, any succeeding receipts for redemption will result in a unique Halo Infinite player emblem. Overall, there are four unique emblems to collect as part of the campaign. If you are an active Halo Infinite player, this is not something you would want to miss.

Image used courtesy of Butterfinger

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