Get an X-Wing ‘Fortnite’ Glider when you buy ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’

Fortnite's Vanguard Squadron X-Wing

In celebration of Star Wars: Squadrons’ upcoming release, Epic Games Store is giving away an X-Wing Fortnite glider for those who would purchase the game in its platform.

Dubbed officially as Vanguard Squadron X-Wing in Fortnite, the glider sees players skydiving with the classic Star Wars spacecraft. Essentially, making for a cool entrance in the battle royale game.

Console gamers or those who don’t have the desire to purchase Star Wars: Squadrons may still claim their own via the game’s item shop. Which is indeed a cheaper option than buying the game at its launch price, if the latter.

Collaborating Since 2017

Fortnite is not a stranger when it comes to tie-ups. Since its launch back in 2017, the game has already seen a plethora of collaborations with various franchises. With Star Wars alone being on its third partnership in this particular rollout.

The advent of the game’s second chapter and fourth season (Nexus War) even introducing a slew of Marvel Comics characters. If you have been absent from the game for a while, now makes for a good reason for return. What with the introduction of Marvel skins and events that relate to the franchise. Leveling also makes for a perkier experience in the current season, thanks to the level’s influence in altering Marvel costume colors, according to tier.

However, with a popularity that spans millions of players across multiple platforms, it’s not hard to see where each partnership’s success draws from. For Star Wars: Squadrons, specifically, it would be about having massive exposure, especially to those who weren’t aware of its existence. As a result, better exposure which potentially lead to greater expansion of the fan base and even profit.

“Out-of-this-World” Dogfights

To those who are interested in either the franchise or the flight, the action genre might find Squadrons an ideal game. Set in the Star Wars universe, the game sees the player as a pilot of a spacecraft in a first-person view. As the game’s world is never truly about peace but conflict among factions, Squadrons is also about taking the fight in the skies.

The game takes place during the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, setting for an interesting premise. What something new Star Wars: Squadrons will have to tell is something we’ll all know when the game releases on Oct. 2, 2020. It will come with a price tag of $40 and will be playable on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Image used courtesy of Tabor Hill/YouTube Screenshot

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