Get ‘God of War’ outfit and more in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

Get a 'God of War' outfit and more in 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'

For all Kratos fans out there, you can now roam around as the hero of God of War with these custom outfits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Ever since its release, Animal Crossing has been a popular title among gamers who are stuck in quarantine.

Gamers have seen the community flourish and over time they get creative on what to do in this island simulation game. We had one player create a catalog island wherein other players can get items for free as long as they follow the rules.

With the summer update that arrived this month, this might be the perfect time to flex your outfit to your friends. Here are a couple of outfits posted in the Twitter universe.

Here’s where you can get the outfits

For those who prefer casual, Twitter user Aeracolthearts created this Kratos inspired hoodie wherein the front shows the God of War protagonist’s facial features.

  • God of War Hoodie (Aeralcolthearts): MO-G1VX-JHRD-QLK4

Players could also get this minimalistic hoodie from Twitter user Kunal Chopra showing off Kratos’ signature red tattoo design.

  • God of War Hoodie (Kunal Chopra): MO-75B1-2FX5-P8DS

If you’re the type who’s into simple shirts, then this Kratos Face shirt should suffice.

  • Kratos Shirt: MO-LK5S-1YYD-NMHJ

For the cosplayers who are stuck in quarantine and want to go around the islands impressing people, they could get this outfit from Twitter user Jube Law. Notice that he created two versions.

  • God of War 3: MO-PMTV-MCV5-QXVL
  • God of War 3 (Complete): MO-3DHX-BJGF-2311

Digging deeper to Twitter we could see that Vektor Jack did an astounding job of portraying Kratos and he left the code for those who want to get the custom tunic costume.

  • Kratos (Tunic): MO-PMTV-MCV5-QXVL

If you’re the type who pays attention to detail and would like to make this your official uniform whenever you’re lumberjacking on your island, you could check out this custom sweater created by Twitter user Rodger Lecuivre.

Observe the detailed abs as well as the entire outfit compared to the previous ones. It could also make a good Halloween costume.

  • Kratos (Sweater): MO-52G3-GPYC-D1YF

Animal Crossing players getting creative with God of War

This month, we found one of the Twitter users trying out Vektor Jack’s creation, and apparently she’s enjoying the cosplay.

God of War fans might be wondering if there was someone in the Animal Crossing community who created the “boy” costume in the game aside from 2018 Kratos and this is what the Twitter universe found.

However, she didn’t share the code nor did anyone even ask if they could have the code for the boy.

There was also a post from RainbowPenguin92 who posted an awesome artwork of Kratos and he also shared the QR codes for each tile in this thread.

To top it off, he used this mural to complete his island entrance.

If you’re looking for more video game-inspired costumes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you could also check out the Borderlands collection.

Featured image courtesy of Vektor Jack/Twitter

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