Get Me Outta Here is $0.99 for the Nintendo Switch this July

Get Me Outta Here is $0.99 for the Nintendo Switch this July

Whenever a dollar game comes out, there is always doubt if it is good. This time, Get Me Outta Here is currently on sale and it does not disappoint.

Get Me Outta Here is on sale for only US$0.99. The deal will end on July 25 and there is still a lot of time to purchase the game.

It is also way cheaper to get it on the Nintendo Switch instead of its Steam version today.

The game might seem simple at first glance with its pixel art style. However, looks can be deceiving. This game can easily compete with other platform shooters in terms of difficulty.

Get Me Outta Here Deluxe edition is on sale

Get Me Outta Here features a lot of rolling

This game follows the story of a middle-aged farmer who is abducted by aliens. He wakes up during the “procedure.” Luckily, there is an alien gun available for him to use.

Lots of aliens come out of hiding once the plasma gun is taken. Shooting them is fairly simple and a few hits will take them down.

However, there are a lot of angels from which these aliens shoot. This means that there will be a lot of rolling happening in order to dodge the projectiles. It is the only way to dodge the bullets so practice this a lot.

Besides the regular aliens, these monsters weaponized the farmer’s animals and turned them against him. The first one to be encountered is a radioactive cow.

Small platform gameplay

Get Me Outta Here is reminiscent of the Contra video game. But, the main difference is this title limits the character into one platform.

The small platform is where everything happens. Bosses spawn as well as the alien minions. It also houses the little healing pod.

Playing this game is also similar to some kind of tower defense. It has the same sense of clearing wave after wave of enemies. Then there is a final boss to defeat.

Get Me Outta Here is set on a small platform

Repetitive yet fulfilling

The game setting is on a small platform as mentioned earlier. Because of this, the game gets repetitive easily. It does not have a changing setting like other platform shooters do.

It would have been better if the narrative moves along as each level is completed. But for its price, it’s not worth complaining about.

However, there are varieties in the aliens. This reduces that repetitive feel. The bosses are different for each wave as well.

Best game worth trying for its price

The full price of the game is $4.99 which is not a bad price considering the playtime it provides. This is also the Deluxe edition so users are getting more for its worth.

However, the best part is it is currently on sale for more than half that. Now, this deal makes it a no-brainer.

For less than a full McDonalds’ meal, one can get a shooting game with great visuals and an awesome soundtrack.

There is not much story to it. But, it is a great way to pass time while on the bus. It is also a great break from the usual AAA titles such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Picking up Get Me Outta Here today is definitely worth it. If not, then it is just another dollar spent. Just think of it as a little donation to the indie developers.

Images (1) (2) (3) courtesy of Get Me Outta Here/Nintendo

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