Get on top of the trade with LiveTrades


One of the things I love about is its flexible deposits and withdrawals system, as it accepts various payment methods. That’s why I can trade funds, whether it’s through a bank wire transfer, a credit card, or even a debit card.

And for someone who has funds on different accounts, this flexibility is really convenient and makes my transactions smooth and efficient.

Got crypto? No problem!

The platform – a proud winner of multiple industry awards — also accepts cryptocurrency, an option that adds convenience to trading. I can take advantage of it even If I only have a small amount of cryptocurrency on my account.

But the fact that it already has this option on its platform means that I can boost my trading convenience in the near future.

Hassle-free trading platform

One other thing I like about is that it doesn’t require you to download any desktop applications or any type of software just to use it. This means that using their platform wouldn’t eat up much of your PC or Mac’s memory and computing power.

This is also the convenience I’m enjoying when I’m using my iPhone. Since it can only be accessed through a mobile browser, I’ve never seen it crash (not even once!) which, we all know, is less likely to happen on app-based services.

Win an awesome ride and trip to Iceland

What makes this platform more exciting to use is that it rewards its traders with awesome prizes! Recently, they’ve launched a competition in which lucky traders can get a chance to win a trip to Iceland and a Tesla Model 3! How cool is that?

Easy to use and affordable

I also like the fact that subscribing to this platform doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, even for a newbie trader. I was able to shell out only €1000 for a basic subscriber account and have started using the platform. Compared to other trading platforms, this is already a bargain.

This affordable option is good for traders who want to test live trading on a certain platform without having to spend so much. I haven’t had any regrets about using LiveTrade’s platform because it’s ‘zippy’ and easy to use, which actually adds satisfaction to my trading transactions.

Spy on ‘em

LiveTrades is proudly partnered with the best liquidity sources in the trading industry and it allows you to trade, invest, and best of all – spy and copy traders automatically.

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