Get special rewards by completing ‘Fortnite’s birthday cake challenges

Fortnite's special birthday challenge

Fortnite had seen a delay in celebrating its third birthday this year, no thanks to the ensued legal dispute it has with Apple. Possibly, also influenced by the ongoing pandemic.

Not to forget the game’s very important occasion, Epic Games has launched a challenge aimed at engaging players during the goings-on—to find a bunch of party cakes scattered all around the game’s map.

The challenge is pretty straightforward—simply find at least 10 of them and do an emote dance in each. The latter is literally part of the condition of the task and not something made up for the sake of humor.

Players will also have to eat the small cake that will spawn following the process. Doing so will either heal or give the player a shield, both conditions of which that must be met.

A sweet tooth’s challenge

There are more than 10 cakes spread across the game’s map. The cakes are massive enough not to be overlooked when coming across. However, that level of magnitude alone is not helped by the distance between cakes all over the map. Simply put, they are literally dispersed and are, therefore, far in between.

To tackle the task of finding all cakes by yourself blindly would be to spend every moment in the match searching for each literally. Some instances even giving no result for not knowing where to look exactly.

The challenge may be taken for its name, literally. But you do not necessarily have to sacrifice the more meaningful use of your time to attain a feat that is literally difficult without a guide.

Birthday cake locations

As such, here are the places you could look into to find the cakes needed for the completion of the challenge:

  1. Sweaty Sands
  2. Salty Springs
  3. Doom’s Domain
  4. Dirty Docks
  5. Retail Row
  6. Lazy Lake
  7. Misty Meadows
  8. Slurpy Slump
  9. Weeding Woods
  10. Holly Hedges

With this critical information in mind, the next challenge is indeed finding the said cakes before anyone else does. The game, after all, limits the number of cakes that spawn per match. There is, therefore, a good chance that for some players, completing the challenge would require multiple visits to the island.

The rewards

To be taken quite literally, Fortnite’s “Birthday Challenges” do pose multiple conditions that players can meet. Getting at least four done, however, will reward players with a special cake back bling.

But there are more rewards along with completing more challenges from the list. Such as getting special birthday emotes, weapon skins, sprays, and other cosmetics.

Fortnite’s special birthday event is valid until Oct. 1, 2020.

Image used courtesy of HarryNinetyFour/YouTube Screenshot

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