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For traders who are just starting or have little experience in cryptocurrency trading, the volatility of the market can sometimes be overwhelming. There are times it is advantageous for traders, but sometimes it isn’t.

To get a handle of everything, one must understand the market, but that requires in-depth, technical, and fundamental analysis – the kind that many newly engaged traders are incapable of. This can prove to be troublesome, but not when you are provided help by reliable crypto trading bots.

TrueP&L provides you with advanced trading bots specifically designed to handle the technical analysis of trading logic and create parameters from the current market conditions, providing users the advantage they need to bring their trading game to the next level.

The robo-trading focal points

The TrueP&L automatic trading has three focal points:

The first one is signal generation, and it is about the use of price tracking software and processing that information to generate “signals” for trading. TrueP&L utilizes the reliable and market-proven TradingView platform.

The second point is risk management, where TrueP&L assures that a client doesn’t go bankrupt and gets to trade the following day again. Users are enabled to control the amount for trades facilitated to minimize risks.

The third focal point is execution, where TrueP&L aims to build strategies to ensure profitability. Under this point, commissions, slippage, market order limits, and other important trading aspects are managed.

TrueP&L and its security

For security concerns, TrueP&L follows the OWASP standards where user data, especially API keys, are securely stored and are only used for trading and analysis of the market. While the trading system is designed to be fully automated, it was established to be reliable and safe for users. There are no deposits needed as TrueP&L doesn’t store coins, and robo-trading connections are established and managed using API keys of the exchange platform.

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