Get ‘The Division’ for free until September 7 on Uplay

Get 'The Division' for free until September 7 on Uplay

Ubisoft has surprised gamers once again as The Division is going free for a limited time. Get the copy before September 7 and own it forever.

The month has just started, and we are getting a lot of surprise games from developers such as Ubisoft. With the gaming industry still booming amid the pandemic, people are getting occupied lately with playing PC and console games.

Recently, they also made Rainbow Six Siege free for a limited time until September 4 to entice players to buy the game up to 70% off.

A third-person shooter that brings RPG elements to the equation

While third-person shooter games such as Rogue Company and Fortnite continue to gain popularity, The Division has not lost its luster since 2016, and its unique gameplay somehow brings players back to post-apocalyptic New York City.

The most intriguing feature of this game is the Dark Zone, which is an area where players can either go head-to-head or work together in obtaining rare loot. The challenge lies in surviving the onslaught brought by AI and real-time players once you try to extract your loot within the time limit.

In addition, this game mode allows you to work together with teams, carry the tasks alone, or better yet “go rogue” to hunt down other players to get better loot while having a bounty on your head.

Is it still worth it to play in 2020?

Since The Division is free for a limited time and it had become a successful title in 2016, it looks like some players are going back to the game.

Fans of The Division series are even comparing the first one is better than The Division 2 despite Ubisoft recently added some DLC for their recent title. Even The Division content creators such as widdz revisited the 2016 title this year.

While its too early to tell if The Division would have a spike in active players since the free game grab announcement, we shall see in the coming days if this 2016 title can make a comeback this year in terms of player activity.

Featured image courtesy of The Division/Game Screenshot

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