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Getting all dresses for Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa in ‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’


Final Fantasy 7 Remake is now out, and newcomers and veterans alike are enjoying this new take on the RPG classic. A lot of things have changed since the original release, and players may need some help to get them through Midgard.

Without spoiling too much, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake does have that infamous part wherein Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud dress up to look pretty for one of the game’s minor antagonists. During this part, players will have to find the best dresses for the three characters, and we’re here to show them all.

Here’s a quick guide on getting Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith’s dresses.


Cloud’s dresses are the toughest to get as there’s a time frame to do things specifically. Simply put, players will need to complete all side quests in Chapter 9. While there are only five in total, players will only get access to three of them initially.

To unlock the two other side quests, players will need to pick the luxury option at Madam M’s for 3,000 gil. This will initiate The Price of Thievery and Shears Counterattack side quests.


Aerith’s dress will be determined by the number of side-quests the players complete in Chapter 8. In total, there are six side quests to do. The more players complete, the better Aerith will look once the game arrives at that point.

In total, there are three dresses to choose from. Players will get a plain dress when they do none of the side quests, they’ll get a normal dress when they do three, and they’ll get the best dress if they do all six.


Players can begin getting Tifa’s dresses as early as Chapter 3, and they are by far the easiest ones to get. The prompt for getting the dresses begin once players reach the Discover: Alone At Last scene with Tifa, which can be started by finishing all possible side quests in the third chapter.

Tifa will eventually ask, “I wonder what would suit me,” players will be asked to answer whether its Mature, Sporty, or Exotic. Each answer will unlock a different dress for Tifa.

If players are able to get the three dresses for Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith, they’ll get the Snappy Dresser Trophy. However, if they do their best and try to get all nine, they’ll get the Dressed To The Nines Trophy, a must for trophy hunters on the PlayStation 4.

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