Getting ready for high-speed internet connections through 5G-enabled smartphones

As time passes by, more and more upgrades are implemented concerning cellular data networks. With the introduction of 5G, will 4G become obsolete?

4G smartphone users have nothing to worry about because, despite 5G taking the cellular data network by storm, other data networks like 4G, 3G, and even 2G are still available. However, if one would like to experience connection speeds that are as fast as it gets, then they have to switch to 5G smartphones.

Can a 4G smartphone upgrade to 5G?

As good as it sounds, no, this is not possible. It is because it would take more than a simple software upgrade for a smartphone to use 5G. A smartphone needs to upgrade itself, meaning changing its components and parts to receive 5G data. One is better off purchasing a new smartphone with 5G capabilities than even try this upgrade. After all, it would be cheaper that way, and the upgrade option is not available anyway.

Effects of having a 5G connection

That said, there is no need to purchase a 5G smartphone at once since the 4G connection is still fast and usable. However, to keep with the upward trend, getting a device with 5G as early as today will provide different benefits like faster download and upload speeds, less lag when playing games, smoother viewing of videos, and a lot more.

Everyone should accept that in this fast-paced world that progresses every year, things like this will happen sooner or later. It includes changing a smartphone for a better one that uses the latest technology. It is never a bad thing since it will also upgrade their way of living. A fast connection is always needed in the BPO industry, especially when communications through phone, chat, and email is considered their bread and butter.

Other businesses will benefit from a 5G connection like online shops, offices that offer services, disaster-relief efforts, and many more. A fast connection will enable information to travel faster from one place to another. With the COVID-19 crisis right now, information gathered about the disease should reach every country’s government as soon as possible to implement countermeasures.

The future in cellular data connections

As of this writing, 5G is the fastest connection for mobile data. Expect a higher subscriber rate in the coming months because a lot of people would like to experience the fast data connection service. People would start purchasing 5G smartphones while still holding on to their 4G devices to be on the safe side.

Smartphone companies will ride on this latest communication upgrade and see this as another opportunity to make better handsets for the masses to use. When talking about the future of 5G-enabled handsets, it is safe to say that the best is yet to come.

Images courtesy of Commsmea and Marques Brownlee/YouTube Screenshot

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