GFRIEND’s Eunha taking hiatus due to health conditions

GFRIEND’s Eunha will be observing a hiatus as she is required to a break from the activities and focus more on her health.

On November 10, the agency of GFRIEND released an official statement on the Weverse community regarding Eunha taking hiatus.

On November 9, while preparing for the press showcase, Eunha experienced pain in her eye. The agency brought her to the hospital for a detailed examination after the said event.

Eunha needed rest

The diagnosis was a corneal inflammation, and the doctor’s advice is that she gets enough rest. The agency decided to give her rest starting today to prevent the condition from getting worse.

During the three days, only five of the members, excluding Eunha, will participate in the upcoming scheduled activities. This is to ensure that Eunha will get enough rest.


The decision will be in three days

After three days, Eunha will be having reexamination, and the agency will be deciding whether she will or not be joining the group’s activities.

Big Hit Entertainment came to a decision considering the health of Eunha is their utmost priority. They wanted to ask Buddies (GFRIEND’s fans) for their understanding.

GFRIEND recently made a comeback with their disco track MAGO. However, at the press conference of their comeback, Eunha appeared with a patch on her right eye.

New Year’s Eve concert

Moreover, Big Hit Labels will have a new year’s eve concert. On November 10, the agency officially announced through Weverse the first line up for the concert. 2021 NEW YEAR’s EVE LIVE present by Weverse will be both an online and offline concert.

Big Hit Labels revealed the first line up with NU’EST and ENHYPEN. The agency will announce the second and final line up on the following days.

Artists under the Big Hit Labels are BTS, NU’EST, GFRIEND, TXT, SEVENTEEN, and ENHYPEN. Stay tuned to Micky News for more updates!


Image courtesy of Channel Yeochin/YouTube Screenshot

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