‘Ghost of Tsushima’ 1.05 patch details: new difficulty, text adjustments, and more

Ghost of Tsushima video snapshot

Ghost of Tsushima has rolled out its new update today, effectively bringing the game to version 1.05. In it are some game alterations that are aimed at tweaking the game to either improve or fit certain tastes.

One of the major aspects of the update comes in the form of new difficulty with the introduction of the “Lethal” mode. Designed to be a harder difficulty level than what players are used to, Lethal mode makes enemies deadlier, and so is Jin.

Greater Risk

The added difficulty comes from the higher damage that both Jin and his opponents deal in addition to an enhanced proclivity for aggressive behavior. In addition, enemies are also able to detect Jin easier when hiding. Stealth, therefore, is also substantially harder to do or maintain, depending on the circumstance, in this mode.

Parrying and dodging are significantly tighter, too, in Lethal mode. This means that even a split-second delay could mean botching what would otherwise be a perfect deflection or evasion of enemy attack. Considering that a landing attack from an opponent holds more weight in this difficulty, missing a dodge or parry comes at a great cost.

For players who are still a greenhorn to the game’s mechanics, the update also brings with it an easier mode. Dubbed the “lower intensity combat,” this level of difficulty makes the opponent’s reaction time be reduced while increasing the window for parry and counterattack.

Quality of Gameplay Improvement

Making for quality of gameplay improvement, the patch also comes with the option to tinker on the game’s text. Not only are players able to change text sizes according to preferences, but they can also change text colors, too. This means being able to choose between colors blue, red, green, and yellow.

In addition to the text, the game’s iconography also gets customization option treatment as well. Players can now choose to enlarge the game’s icons and interactive objects to as much as 150%. The ability to change these elements of the game may be optional, but it does prove useful to peculiar players, concerning TV sizes.

Players who find it troublesome memorizing names will now find it easy to relate with the game’s cutscenes. That is, by toggling speaker names. This sets a difference between knowing who is speaking from that who is not. Pave the way for better familiarization that is not as easy any other way.

All of the alterations included in the update are nothing more than slight game improvements. Nevertheless, they still make a welcome addition. Particularly, for players seeking for a reason to continue playing even after the credits have rolled.

Image used courtesy of JorRaptor/YouTube Screenshot

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