‘Ghost of Tsushima’ DLC lets players tame cats, deer, and monkeys

Ghost of Tsushima pet taming trailer snapshot

Ghost of Tsushima’s expansion to the Iki Island brings players to various animal sanctuaries, giving a chance to pet wild critters.

The release of Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut grows ever closer by the day. This means that fans of the title will have something more to engage themselves with that were not integral in the original. Or, in the case of those completely new to the title, experiencing an up-to-date package of all the good stuff.

New Contents

One of the highlights that will come with the Director’s Cut is the extension to Ikishima. It’s a neighboring island to Tsushima, which also happens to be under invasion. New stories, environments, and equipment make for major parts of the expansion. But it also comes with something extra that’s also worth exploring. For animal lovers, this will be in the form of meeting wild animals and being able to tame them. The Iki island, as it seems, is home to various refuge for such creatures, which comprises of cats, deer, and monkeys.

Official Announcement

Word about this feature came from a tweet by the official Ghost of Tsushima channel which highlights on its underlying mechanics. As it appears, the process will involve the use of a flute with the purpose of calming whichever beast is hearing it. Once relaxed, the creature becomes more docile which, then, allows for some petting. Making for a string of tweets are subsequent posts, each containing a video displaying a successful tame.

It might take a closer look into history when the first case of pet taming began in video games. But if there is one thing certain on the topic, it’s that it has become a welcome addition to most games. Primarily, for the notion’s ability to chill players down, which is especially handy after some time of intensive play.

A Trend

One need not have to look beyond Ghost of Tsushima just to see how prominent the act has become among gamers. In celebration of the game’s one-year anniversary, an interesting finding came about stating that as many as 55.63 million foxes have been petted in-game. Clearly, that is a number that is bound to be rivaled, if not surpassed, when the expansion rolls out.

The Iki island expansion will release on August 20, 2021, either as an individual upgrade from the base game or as part of the Director’s Cut. Pre-existing owners of Ghost of Tsushima may opt for the upgrade by paying $19.99. Otherwise, the Director’s Cut version will cost $69.99 and $59.99 for the PS5 and PS4 version, respectively.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation Shorts/YouTube Screenshot

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