‘Ghost of Tsushima’: Early tips and tricks to survive against the Mongols

Most of the journey in Ghost of Tsushima will be spent on conquering the Mongol’s bases. These places are filled with dozens of enemies, and for Jin, that’s mostly alone, getting through each encounter is always a challenge.

Ghost of Tsushima features an amazing combat system that rewards skill over grinding. Even if players are fighting enemies who are already tough, they can still win if they are skilled with the blade. Here are a few combat tips for the game.

Always go for the archer

Archers are some of the most annoying enemies in the game. They can disrupt combos and can deal a significant amount of damage as well. It’s easy to avoid archer’s attacks as they shout before they pull the bowstring. However, it’s best for players to locate the archers in a mob before taking out everyone else.

This will make clearing out the group much easier as combos will flow much easier.

Divide and conquer

There are various ways to defeat the different enemy types in the game. Fighting various enemy types in a group is a recipe for failure. Instead of charging head-on, players should try and divide the group little by little.

After taking out the archers, players should go for the spearmen next. These guys are easy to kill as all Jin needs is to dodge and attack.

Initiate stand-offs

In Ghost of Tsushima, initiating a stand-off is one of the best ways to take out an enemy instantly. As long as Jin sees an enemy in the distance, he can initiate one immediately.

It’s best to initiate stand-offs with the enemy leaders so that they can be taken out immediately. Stand-offs always guarantee a one-hit kill, so picking the right targets is crucial.

Master parrying

Players should master the timing behind the parries in the game. Aside from opening up enemies for an attack, this can also initiate an instant kill if players have the right skill upgrades. Parrying is hard in the game, but it’s one of the most rewarding aspects of combat that players need to master.

Fighting the Mongols is harder than expected in Ghost of Tsushima. By learning these tips above, players are going to be able to conquer bases easily. The game is all about patience and accuracy, so blindly swinging the katana is hardly ever the answer.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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