‘Ghost of Tsushima’: gear upgrades to focus on first

Progression in Ghost of Tsushima comes in one of two ways – by skills or by the equipment. When it comes to gears, players will need to be smarter about which they choose to upgrade first, as there’s only a limited amount of supplies.

Players of Ghost of Tsushima will find that there aren’t a lot of resources to find throughout the map. This means that they’ll have to be wiser when it comes to upgrading their gear. Here’s what players should focus on first.

Sakai Katana

Players will spend most of the game fighting the Mongols and bandits using Jin Sakai’s katana. As such, this is one of the most important gears to upgrade in the game. Doing so will increase the amount of damage the weapon does, making it crucial for those enemies with a ton of health.

To upgrade, players will need a lot of iron, supplies, and other materials.


Early on in the game, players will be able to get the half bow. While this is a good ranged-weapon, players should instead reserve their resources for upgrading the longbow. It’s acquired later on in the game. As compared to the half bow, the longbow lets Jin zoom in on enemies. Moreover, it deals a lot more damage.

Players will find themselves using the half bow less once the longbow arrives, so it’s best to focus upgrades on this instead.

Capacity upgrades

In Ghost of Tsushima, Jin will gain access to an assortment of Ghost tools that he can easily use mid-combat. In the beginning, he can carry a very limited number of these tools. These items are very useful, whether through stealth or head-on approaches, so players should maximize the amount they can carry.

More specifically, they should focus on increasing the carrying capacity for arrows, sticky bombs, and kunai.

Traveler’s Attire

The Traveler’s Attire is one of the first pieces of clothing that Jin gets. It’s useful for finding collectibles. As such, players may want to focus on upgrading this gear so that they can easily traverse the map and find all of the game’s collectibles as well.

In Ghost of Tsushimaplayers are free to improve Jin whichever way they choose to. Some gear is more important than others, however. As such, players will need to be wiser when it comes to upgrading their gear as the supplies they get are only limited.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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