‘Ghost of Tsushima’ guide: How to use the fifth stance?

One of the key elements that make the combat in Ghost of Tsushima unique is the stances. Looking at Jin’s menu, there are only four stances to learn, but what players don’t know is that there’s a fifth and final stance.

The Stone, Water, Wind, and Moon Stance in Ghost of Tsushima are formidable ways to kill the Mongol invaders. However, what players don’t know is that there’s a fifth and final stance. This is the Ghost Stance, which is arguably the strongest one in the game. Here’s how to get and use this.

How to get the Ghost Stance

Unlike the other stances in the game, the Ghost Stance can be unlocked simply by playing through the story.

Halfway through Act II, players will undergo a mission that will pit them against a Mongol general. This cannot be missed, so players will simply need to play on with the story. After defeating the general, Jin automatically learns the Ghost Stance.

The Ghost Stance is basically Jin channeling all of his inner rages into fighting. It’s one of the most brutal stances in the game, and it lets Jin easily kill enemies.

How to use the Ghost Stance

Unlike the other stances in Ghost of Tsushima, the Ghost Stance cannot be used on the fly. There are certain conditions that Jin needs to meet before being able to use it.

One is that Jin must first beat a Mongol leader. Doing so will automatically unlock the Ghost Stance. Players simply need to trigger L1 and R1 at the same time.

Another condition is that Jin must kill a set number of enemies before being able to use the stance. The counter resets whenever Jin takes any form of damage.

The Ghost Stance is very brutal and efficient at taking out groups of enemies. Basically, Jin can instantly kill any enemy he swings a sword to. Another catch is that use of the Ghost Stance is limited, so players will need to make the most of it once it is activated.

Players will need to use all of their skills to beat the Mongols in Ghost of TsushimaPart of the journey means having to master all of his stances. The Ghost Stance is the coolest and most efficient way to clear enemy camps. We’re sure that players are excited to try out Jin’s hidden technique.

Image used courtesy PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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