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‘Ghost of Tsushima’: How to efficiently farm for Supplies


The progression system in Ghost of Tsushima is about improving Jin’s skills with the blade and upgrading his gear. For the latter, the mechanic is pretty straightforward, but it’s the material farming that’s hard.

One of the key resources in Ghost of Tsushima is Supplies. It’s required for every gear upgrade, and it’s not as easy to come by as one would think. Here are a few tips and tricks to get more of this crucial resource throughout the game.

Take over territories

There are many Mongol bases scattered throughout the island, and these are filled with Supplies. Players should try and take over every possible territory they can find. While most of the supplies in these areas are shown upfront, there are some that are well hidden.

If players want to get the most out of their invasions inside Mongol camps, it’s best that they look inside tents. The tents are filled with various materials such as Supplies, Iron, and more. Players shouldn’t simply pass by these as some might even have collectibles.


The isle of Tsushima is vast and filled with a lot of secrets. It’s so large that players might consider fast traveling instead. However, manually getting from point A to point B is much better for those looking for Supplies.

Every once in a while, players will come across Mongol mobs that they can fight in Ghost of Tsushima. These mobs can reward Jin with a hefty amount of Supplies and experience, so it’s always good to challenge them.

Gifts from the alter

Every once in a while, players will be notified that they have gifts to collect at the altar. Players should get this as soon as possible as these gifts include a hefty amount of Supplies at times. It’s one of the best ways to gather Supplies in the game.

Prioritize upgrades

By the end of the game, players will have thousands of Supplies on them. This may seem like a lot, but players should keep in mind that the best tier upgrades cost a ton of materials. As such, players should manage what they have.

A part of gathering materials is managing what players currently have. As we’ve said, Supplies aren’t easy to come by.

Jin will have a lot of enemies to stand up against in Ghost of Tsushima. If players want to have an easier time, they should definitely consider managing their supplies

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