‘Ghost of Tsushima Legends’: Oni enemies explained

Ghost of Tsushima Legends is an entirely new experience from the minds behind the amazing samurai epic. Everything from the characters to the enemies will be a unique experience to players of this free game mode.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends is an upcoming cooperative multiplayer expansion for Ghost of Tsushima. This new mode will feature a story around four legends instead of Jin Sakai and his friends. Unlike the base game, this game mode is going to be more about Japanese mythologies.

Moreover, players won’t be facing the straw hat ronins, bandits, and Mongols. Instead, they’ll be facing a new threat called the Oni. What are these new enemies?

What are Oni?

Based on Japanese folklore, Oni are demons that are often large. However, they can come in all shapes and sizes as well. These demons have been featured in many Japanese games, including Nioh and Yokai Watch. In general, Oni are creatures from the underworld.

As per the developer, the upcoming free game update will be based on Japanese mythology, so adding Oni as the enemies are a perfect fit. Based on the trailer, the Oni are going to be still based on the enemy types in Ghost of Tsushima. Of course, they might come with free surprises as well.

What’s new?

The trailer for Ghost of Tsushima Legends gave us a sneak peek of the Oni. Some of the Oni can appear with a puff of white smoke accompanying them instantaneously. If this is indeed the case, the players will need to be on their toes at all times, as it might mean they are never safe from the threat.

The Oni are likely going to be given other extra powers. These extra abilities will force players to strategize amongst themselves as they could be overwhelmed if they don’t.

There are four classes in the game mode – Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, and Assassin. Each of the classes should be useful for a certain type of Oni. As with the base game, some of Jin’s stances are more useful for certain enemy types as well.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends launches later this fall for the PlayStation 4. It’s going to be completely free, and there will also be no microtransactions. As per the developer, there will be a challenging horde mode that can be played with up to four players as well.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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