‘Ghost of Tsushima Legends’ will have no microtransactions

Sucker Punch Productions surprised its fans recently with the announcement of Ghost of Tsushima Legends. The good news just keeps on pouring for fans of the samurai epic as the developer shares one more thing about the game.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends will launch this fall as part of a free update for Ghost of Tsushima. The developer has recently shared more details about the co-op mode. More particularly, it shared new details on microtransactions in it.

No Microtransactions

In an interview in IGN, the developers have confirmed that the game will have no microtransactions.  ”There are no microtransactions in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, and we have absolutely no plans to add them. All of the content is unlocked through play.”

When the trailer for the mode launched, players instantly believed that there would be unlockable skins for the legends. While the developers have yet to confirm that there will be skins, them saying that there will be unlockable content almost confirms that.

Of course, since this will be an online co-op game, it’s already expected that players will need a PS Plus subscription to be able to get into it. At least the additional content itself is free for all players who have Ghost of Tsushima.

What is the game about?

Ghost of Tsushima Legends tells the tale of four mysterious characters. These Legends have been told by the people of Tsushima. Unlike the base game, the additional content will center on Japanese mythology and be much less realistic.

It’s a cooperative multiplayer mode played by up-to-four players. Each of the players will assume the role of one of four classes which are Samurai, Hunter, Assassin, and Ronin. As per the developer, each role will have pros and cons. They’ve yet to reveal what these are for now.

In terms of gameplay, we can expect it to play similarly to the base game. The developers will also introduce a Horde Mode. In this mode, the four players will face off against a wave of enemies. The longer they survive, the harder the horde becomes.

There’s no exact release date for Ghost of Tsushima Legends yet. However, the developers have said that the update featuring the mode will launch this fall. This mode will keep players busy once they are done with the base campaign. We could be getting more details about the classes and the gameplay soon.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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