Ghost of Tsushima New Game Plus coming in update V1.1

Sucker Punch is readying the first major update for Ghost of Tsushima and includes the highly anticipated co-op mode. Beyond that, the update will also introduce a new game plus.

Sucker Punch teased a co-op mode called Ghost of Tsushima Legends for the samurai epic. The update featuring the new mode will arrive sometime next week, and it comes with a new game plus mode for those that have already finished the game. How will the new game plus work in the game?

New game plus

As with other new game plus modes in other titles, the one in the samurai epic is geared towards adding new endgame content and challenges. In a blog post, the developers detail what’s to come in the game as well as what the anticipated new game plus will be like.

The new game plus will be unlocked if the players beat the game at least once. Players will be given the option to go through Jin Sakai’s journey once again. The mode will put players at the start of when the world becomes open. To be more specific, it will be after Jin’s first fight with Khotun Khan.

All Techniques, Gear, and Vanity items from a player’s previous playthrough will be transferred. The difficulty will be adjusted and will be harder. However, players can still decide to play at an easier pace through the settings.

New content

There will be more than just added difficulty. The new game plus will also give players access to a red mane horse that comes equipped with a unique saddle. Players will also be able to collect new powerful Charms in Ghost of Tsushima should they decide to play the new game plus. As for armors and weapons, players will have an additional upgrade to buy.

Trophy hunters will be delighted to know that there will be a new set of trophies for the game once the new game plus arrives. What’s great is that these do not count towards the game’s platinum trophy requirements. All-in-all, there’s enough in the new game plus to keep players hooked.

The new game plus option in Ghost of Tsushima is set to bring in a whole new selection of challenges for the players. It’s a must for players to try out this mode once they’ve beaten the game at least once. It’ll be exciting to see what else is changed with the new game plus.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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