‘Ghost of Tsushima’ shatters sales record with 2.4 million sold

'Ghost of Tsushima' shatters sales record with 2.4 million sold

Sony expected Ghost of Tsushima to be a hit, but not like it is now. The samurai adventure demolishes the new IP sales charts with 2.4 million units in three days.

Ghost of Tsushima is now Sony’s highest-selling first-party original IP. To put the numbers in perspective, Horizon Zero Dawn sold 2.6 million units. The caveat is that Zero Dawn did so in two weeks, instead of the new three-day record.

Tsushima joins the elite pantheon of PS4 games

Tsushima is now a part of Sony’s pantheon of great games and likely a legend in the making. Sony released the numbers on Twitter, which created a ton of buzz for the game. While it is doing well, other titles could beat its numbers, if not for the “New IP” caveat.

The game, for starters, is now a part of an exclusive club of games for Playstation. The title is among the top 10 bestselling PS4 titles, sitting snug below Uncharted 4. A Thief’s End whipped up a nice 2.7 million copies.

Other games around the same bracket include Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War. The two fastest-selling PS4 games include The Last of Us 2 and Final Fantasy 7 remake. The Last of Us 2, for example, garnered four million copies in its first three days.

This means Ghost’s numbers are superb, but some IPs go ahead of it. Even then, the game is a solid title that offers a lot of replay value and gameplay.

Tsushima checks all boxes for success

Ghost of Tsushima currently has a solid score on Metacritic. Its critic score is at 83, which makes it a strong game with good gameplay. Its user score, at the time of this writing, is at 9.3, which is stellar.

So far, the game is on the low end of the top PS4 games. It’s listed as among the top 20 in the console’s lifespan based on critic score.

The 9.3 user score means it has a great street cred across the fanbase. Still, this the user score is far too controversial to be a useful metric of success.

The Last of Us 2, for example, receive a heavy review bombing in its first week. The Ghost of Tsushima‘s current user score means the fans love it. It’s also an indicator that the hype fulfilled player expectations.

So far, Ghost of Tsushima will still likely break more records for the console. The game is an astounding success by every metric. The PS4 will likely close out its peak with the success of this game.

Featured image courtesy of PlayStation/Youtube Screenshot

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