‘Ghost of Tsushima’: stealth route affects weather in-game

One of the best things about the Ghost of Tsushima is that there are a lot of tiny and intricate details hidden by the developers. Perhaps the best of the details on the stealth mechanic is the weather mechanic in the game.

Two days since launching, players are beginning to discover some of the amazing details hidden in Ghost of TsushimaWhile the game itself is great at first glance, it’s the tiny details that make the game better to appreciate.

Weather and stealth

The weather conditions in the game are amazing. Seeing the isle of Tsushima getting drizzled by rain was one of the best scenic experiences in recent gaming history. What players didn’t know is that their approach to stealth can affect the weather in the game.

In a recent interview with Gamespot, the game’s narrative director Nate Fox revealed that the game is scripted to give more rainstorms if players choose to play as a ghost more often. This means that aside from playing certain songs, Jin’s other actions can also manipulate the weather.

This might not have a lot of implications gameplay-wise, but it says a lot about the game and Jin’s inner conflict.

Samurai vs. Ghost

At the start of the game, almost all of the samurai in Tsushima were wiped out during their battle with the Mongols. While they were great warriors, the methods of the Mongols proved to be hard.

In Ghost of Tsushima, Jin is forced to abandon the honorable ways of the samurai to beat the Mongols. By changing the weather from good to bad depending on Jin’s actions, the developers were able to show Jin’s true emotions towards his actions.

The rain and storm could be one of the game’s way of explaining how the Mongols never see Jin coming when he is a ninja. Because the rain and thunder are loud, Jin’s assassinations and footsteps are harder to hear, thus making him more deadly and effective.

This tiny detail is one of the reasons why critics have fallen head over heels for Sucker Punch’s recent games. It’s truly a cinematic experience aside from being one of the best games of 2020.

There may be other hidden details in Ghost of Tsushima that the developers might soon reveal. Moreover, there may be some secrets that players will uncover themselves, which is a part of the overall experience.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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