‘Ghost of Tsushima’: The best skill trees to focus on

In terms of progression, the Ghost of Tsushima focuses primarily on making Jin Sakai stronger through his skills. As such, there are numerous skill trees in the game, and it might be tough knowing which ones need to be prioritized first.

The skill tree in Ghost of Tsushima is vast and sometimes overwhelming. As players progress through the story, they may find it hard to pick which skills to choose first. Here are some of the best skills that players may need to spend a skill point on early in the game.

Unyielding Sword/Spear Parry

At the samurai skill tree, the two most crucial skills are Unyielding Sword Parry and Unyielding Spear Parry. As the name suggests, these skills allow Jin to block any unblockable attacks made by a spear and sword. Of course, players will still have to get their timing right to make a successful parry.

Dance of Wrath

This is arguably one of the best offensive skills in Ghost of Tsushima. It is unlocked by completing one of the Tales on the second island. When used, Jin will unleash three unblockable attacks that deal heavy damage. Moreover, the kill could terrify nearby enemies as well.

Strength of Mountains

The Stone Stance may be one of the most basic stances in the game, but it serves a crucial purpose. Since most of the game’s boss fights are duels, the Stone Stance is great as it’s best against swordsmen.

The Strength of Mountains’ ability at the bottom of the skill tree deals increased damage to staggered enemies. As such, it’s a useful move against boss duels against other swordsmen.

Healing Incense

This useful Smoke Bomb upgrade allows Jin to heal himself via his Ghost tool. This is one of the few healing skills in the game, and players might find it crucial if they are stuck in a tight situation.

What not to spend points on?

The skills and bonuses related to the Guiding Wind are not worth spending any point on. Players should skip over these entirely as the Guiding Wind is already capable of doing much at its basic form.

Ghost of Tsushima has a different progression system as compared to most action-adventure games. If players know which skill tree perfectly fits their play-style, they’ll be able to unlock the full potential of Jin Sakai as he takes on the Mongols on the island.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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