‘Ghost of Tsushima’ tips and tricks: How weapon upgrades and merchants work

Sucker Punch’s upcoming samurai epic, Ghost of Tsushima, will include a lot of features that will let players make Jin Sakai an even bigger threat to the Mongols. Aside from his excellent katana skills, players can make use of merchants and weapon upgrades in the game.

A huge part of Ghost of Tsushima is Jin Sakai’s weapons and gear. It’s one of the ways players can ensure their survival against the Mongols. From the start, Jin starts off with basic equipment, but as players progress through the game, they’ll be able to upgrade his arsenal with better options.

Gear upgrading

Jin will come across various resources in his time on the island of Tsushima. Players should pick these up whenever and wherever they can, as these will be used to upgrade the Ghost’s arsenal of weapons.

In a video shared by Sucker Punch, we see Jin go inside a beautiful settlement called The Golden Temple. He runs up to the Bowyer at a booth, and Jin begins to upgrade his bow through an upgrade menu. In the video, Jin uses a certain amount of Bamboo and other supplies to have his bow upgraded. We see his Half Bow get upgraded in to a Half Bow II.

As the video suggests, there are five ranks for the weapon in total. Each upgrade increases the stats of the weapon, of which there are six. There’s a chance that some other weapons in Ghost of Tsushima will have more than five upgrade tiers.

Of course, as the tier goes up further, Jin will have to find more materials, including some rare ones. This means exploration is just as crucial as fighting in the game.

What can Jin upgrade?

Jin can use an array of weapons and armor in the game. Aside from his bow, he should be able to upgrade his armor and ninja tools. We’re not sure about his katana though as Jin wields a family heirloom. There’s a chance that we might not be able to use other katanas in the game, but we can still upgrade Jin’s weapon of choice.

Ghost of Tsushima still has a lot of secrets we’ve yet to see. It’ll be exciting to see what else Sucker Punk is yet to reveal to us. For now, all we can say is that the game is looking more like an instant game of the year candidate already.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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