‘Ghost of Tsushima’: tips for becoming the best shinobi

Ghost of Tsushima gives players a choice to play as an honorable samurai or as a stealthy ninja. Players who choose the stealth option will need to change their strategies if they have been focused on being a samurai for a huge part of the game.

Playing as a ninja in Ghost of Tsushima may not feel as great as wielding a blade, but it is still a feature that players should try out. The two playstyles are different, with the other solely relying on stealth. Here are a few tips for becoming a better Ghost in the game.

Obstructions are ninja’s best friends

Whether players are raiding Mongol camps or are just going through a story mission, it’s a must that they use visual obstructions to hide Jin. There are many obstructions in the game, such as walls, tall grass, and even boxes. There will be many of these scattered throughout the camps of the Mongols, and players shouldn’t be afraid to put these to good use.

Avoid entering tents blindly

In Mongol bases, tents are filled with a ton of goodies and even some collectibles. Players can enter tents easily, but the problem is, they might not be able to see the other side. Even if they use Focused Hearing, there’s a chance that they might not notice an opening on the opposite side of the tent.

This could lead to them being spotted. As such, it’s important to try and avoid entering tents blindly. Players should first scout the area ahead.

Focus on the right upgrades

There are many skill trees in Ghost of Tsushima. If players are interested in becoming a better Ghost, they may want to focus on the right skill trees. Players can upgrade Focused Hearing, Ghost tools, and even their capabilities for sleuthing around.

It’s highly suggested that players focus on upgrading their Ghost tools first. The Smoke Bomb, Kunai, Sticky Bomb, and other tools are useful for stealth combat. They have limited utility from the get-go, so players should focus on getting these skills improved first.

Ghost of Tsushima is a great game, according to critics. The ability to choose between head-on combat and stealth is a great way to shake things up. If players are picking the stealthy route, then it’s a must that they know the right tips as if they go blindly, the Mongols will be harder to defeat.

Image used courtesy of Sony/YouTube

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