‘Ghost of Tsushima’ tips for mastering Photo Mode

Ghost of Tsushima has a photo mode that critics are head over heels for. There’s a lot to tweak in the game’s photo mode, and some players might feel overwhelmed with all the choices.

Sucker Punch Production’s put as much heart in the photo mode in Ghost of Tsushima as they did in other parts of the game. Players that want to take the best shots in the game are probably having a tough time with all of the options. Here are a few tips to make using it easier.

The Guiding Wind

The wind is a huge part of the game as it helps Jin locate his next objective. It’s also a part of photo mode, and it can make shots generally better. The photo mode allows players to control the direction and strength of the wind. Partner the wind with Jin’s assortment of samurai outfits and flowing robes, and players can create amazing shots.

Tracking shot

The tracking shot option allows players to create a certain flight path for the camera. Players simply need to tap X to a certain location, and the camera will pan there. This is a great technique for shots that focus on action sequences or Jin’s appearance.

The world doesn’t stop

One thing that Ghost of Tsushima players need to understand is that starting photo mode doesn’t put the rest of the world in a standstill. The wind still moves, and the particles are still pretty much alive. This allows players to create cinematic clips akin to Japanese samurai films.

As players can change the moving particles and their intensity, players can create stunning clips to share with others. This feature is quite possibly the best part of the game’s photo mode.

Involved the world and atmosphere

The isle of Tsushima is scenic and filled with wonders. The haiku spots and the numerous foxes scattered throughout the map present wondrous opportunities for shots. Players should try and incorporate these elements in some way. These represent the amount of heart that is put into creating the game’s world.

With a photo mode that’s as good as the one in Ghost of Tsushimait shouldn’t come as a surprise that players will spend most of their hours taking the best shots possible. For those that want to ensure that they are taking the best photos possible, these tips above will certainly go a long way.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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