‘Ghost of Tsushima’: Tips for winning those tough duels


Jin Sakai is an excellent samurai and ninja in Ghost of Tsushima, but there are many who stand in his way. The game is sort of easy, but it does have some difficult moments.

It’s easy taking out a group of Mongols as Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima. However, the true challenge of the game lies whenever Jin faces off against other master samurai in duels. There are many challenging duels in the game, and here are a few tips for conquering them all.

Focus on the Stone Stance

The majority of the duels in the game will pit Jin off against other samurai. This means that the Stone Stance is the most effective means to fight them. When using the Stone Stance against a sword user, players will be able to increase their stagger meter quickly.

Most importantly, Jin will benefit from the perks of Stone Stance upgrades when using it in a duel. This means making deflecting strikes a lot easier.

Don’t button mash

As compared to fighting off against mobs of enemies, the fighters in Duels are much smarter. If players proceed to button mash their way to victory, there’s a chance that they’ll lose. The AI in duels are experts in parrying and blocking. More often than not, a better strategy would be to be patient and wait for attacks.

The fighters in duels will have obvious tells when they are about to make a move. This makes telegraphing and anticipating their attacks much easier.

Reserve Resolve

The only way to replenish Jin’s health in Ghost of Tsushima is by using resolve. Players will start each duel with a full Resolve bar. It might be tempting to do so, but players shouldn’t use their resolve to use Jin’s special abilities.

For starters, they won’t be able to reap the benefit like insta-kills anyway. It would be a waste to use Resolve on this. Instead, players should use Resolve simply for healing. It’s tough to accumulate Resolve during a duel, so players are fighting on limited resources.

There are 25 duels in Ghost of Tsushima, but only a few are in the story. The others are optional and reward players with all sorts of bonuses. As such, it’s a must that players master the art of duels. Doing so will allow players to access some of the strongest armors and skills in the game.

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