‘Ghost of Tsushima’ update will let you recruit dogs and pet them!

Ghost of Tsushima has a new update that all long-time fans will love. This game will now let you recruit dogs and pet them.

The Ghost of Tsushima update just got better. Just like real dogs and probably what you would have done in a probable real-life scenario, this game lets you pet the dogs and then help you to earn brownie points.

It all started with the red foxes

We all have been petting the adorable red foxes in this game, and what connects the players and brings us closer is the fact that this fantastic game lets you enjoy a good time while playing to recruit dogs and then pet them as much as you want.

The new update is part of the massive version 1.1 update hitting Ghost of Tsushima on Friday, October 16, when we will eventually get the fan-requested new game plus mode.

Once you beat the primary campaign, at least as soon as you could bounce into the brand new model with all of the strategies, gear, and cosmetics you have gathered all from the previous playthrough, and this time around, you will have a new horse to hold you through.

And as Sucker Punch introduced today, the players also can recruit the large fluffy Mongol battle puppies so that you can spend your time and give them a hearty petting. It is a feature that the fans have asked for this game’s makers to develop for a long time.

Do we get to earn points?

The new Ghost of Tsushima update will help us to get brownie points if we pet these furballs. The makers have made sure that the game revolves around the players’ perspective, and now and then, we are allowed to take some break.

The request to include the petting was made through Reddit, where an ardent fan has asked for the developers to create a scenario where everyone can pet the Mongol dogs while passing by.

Reddit is a pretty good platform, which continuously checks on the requests made from the fanbase. To keep up with the demands made from their end, we have tried to put them down in a list to incorporate them for a better insight.

Ghost of Tsushima‘s New Game Plus mode includes many new things, including “incredibly ground-breaking” unique charms, and another position of redesigns for your weapons, which you can turn into your allies.

Image courtesy of GamingIsFun/YouTube Screenshot

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