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‘Ghost of Tsushima’: What do the critics say about this samurai epic?


Those who are unsure if they’re buying Ghost of Tsushima don’t have to buy blindly anymore as the review embargo has been lifted. Now, we get to see what the critics say about this highly anticipated title.

The Ghost of Tsushima review embargo has been lifted, and critics have a lot to say about it. So far, reviews have been good, but the game isn’t perfect. Here’s what critics are revealing about Sucker Punch Production’s latest and biggest game.

The game is a little too easy

One common criticism of the game was that it felt too easy. As VG247 wrote in its review, there were little to no consequences for Jin’s actions in combat. While this ensures that the game is easily accessible by everyone, critics can’t help but think a little difficulty would be better.

The experience felt like players breezing through the game. Moreover, once players got a hold of the combat system, the game turns into a typical hack and slash. It also didn’t help that the game’s AI felt lacking in some areas.

An ode to Japanese culture

Throughout the development phase, Sucker Punch Productions did its best to encapsulate Japanese and samurai culture into the game. This included visits to Tsushima and even asking permission from the Kurosawa estate for a feature in the game.

Critics comment that Ghost of Tsushima was a great tribute to both samurai and Japanese culture. The amount of effort and heart put into making the game was easily felt. Apart from the fact that the mouths don’t lineup when Japanese voices are enabled, the developers delivered on this promise.

A great end for the PlayStation 4

The game is the last to come from Sony itself. It had a lot to live up to, and thankfully, the game delivered.

Overall, the game is an excellent entry into the samurai genre. Though it didn’t have anything spectacular to have it stand out, it will still be remembered as a superb samurai game. From its lush open world to its refined combat system, it’s hard to argue that the game isn’t a swan song for the PlayStation 4.

Ghost of Tsushima launches for the PlayStation 4 this July 17. For now, it seems like the game lives up to the hype behind. Still, players should check out more gameplay videos to check if it’s really right up their alley.

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