‘Ghost Recon Breakpoint’ gets anticipated feature with recent update, more coming this summer

'Ghost Recon Breakpoint' Ghost Experience Update

A new update was recently released for Ghost Recon Breakpoint and with it comes some improvements and a feature that was highly requested—more to come as we get deeper into summer.

Dubbed the ‘Ghost Experience,’ Title Update 2.0.0 gives players three different modes to play—regular, immersive, or custom.

The Diversity in Each Mode

Regular mode is what has always been given to players as the default gameplay experience. Immersive mode is not any different from the regular mode except for the missing gear score and tiered loot features.

Custom mode, on the other hand, gives players the power to tweak their gameplay experience based on certain parameters. The custom mode applies to both the regular and immersive mode.

The immersive mode makes for an exciting departure from the regular mode for its rather realistic approach to gameplay. When players in regular mode has been customising weapons for stronger damage output, players in immersive mode easily exchange to newer weapons.

Reloading is also significantly realistic in immersive mode, too. Players who have a bad habit of reloading after every few shots will find themselves losing Ammos fast due to the new mechanics. Every cartridge replaced is discarded along with their remaining bullets.

Going into the custom mode, players will see themselves tweaking the game for a few key elements that make the campaign either relatively easier or harder to play.

For instance, players can choose to customize the HUD, regen ability, stamina level, risk of injury, and the overall number of bandages to carry.

Players who are not too keen on dealing with strangers in-game can now shift to private mode. As the name implies, it makes the gameplay experience exclusive to just the player by leaving others out of the picture.

Giving further control to the player is the ability to toggle how Maria’s shop appears in the game. You may choose either to limit her to two locations or leave it as it is.

It’s Sam, Again

Lastly, Sam Fisher is making another scene into the game via an introduction of another Splinter Cell-themed mission. While seemingly a cameo, Sam Fisher offers valuable intel regarding the happenings in the island of Auroa, including the appearance of terminators.

With Title Update 2.0.5 is still in the works, Ubisoft hints at what is coming to the game.  Specifically, an improvement to the squadmate’s AI, a fix to the DMR exploit, and the upcoming second live event.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Ubisoft North America

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