FPS cyborg-ninja game ‘Ghostrunner’ available for demo


First-person ninja game Ghostrunner is now available for demo on Steam. The game looks gorgeous, creating an eclectic mix between Dishonored, Cyberpunk 2077, and Mirror’s Edge.

Ghostrunner is a cyberpunk action game available for a demo on PC until May 13. The game has been a tradeshow darling, with many fans only finding it in major conventions.

The demo lets you wake up as a “cyber-warrior”, literally half-ninja and half-robot hybrid.

Ghostrunner 2020 is a new take on old futuristic concept

The first person game is reminiscent of a few games of the past and the future. The single-player parkour is reminiscent of game dev team DICE’s Mirror’s Edge. At the same time, the smooth transitions and sword skills will remind players of the original Ninja Gaiden.

In the game, the player wakes up as a cyborg with what seems to be an electro-grappling hook and a cyber katana. Players slice and dice everyone who comes in your way, which does not have any reason yet.

The game is beautiful and elegant, bordering stylish. The movement looks fluid, with lots of trick movements like wall-running, freerunning, and ultra-fast dodging.

Much of the setting is reminiscent of Ghost in the Shell. Ghostrunner is a cyberpunk dystopia in your usual battered, ugly future. Much of humanity is within the borders of a tower-city, a shelter that protects everyone from an apocalyptic event.

The conflict within the tower-city divided the population of the shelter. People who live on lower floors have lower social status than those above them. The master that rules and upholds the hierarchy is the Keymaster, but people are revolting against him.

Ghostrunner demo shows dystopian cyberpunk parkour ninja

The demo for the dystopian FPS freerunner is slick and smooth. As you wade through enemies, you slowly learn how to hack and slash your way through the city. Verticality is the name of the game, and mobility is everything.

The developers 3D Realms, One More Level, and Slipgate Ironworks have their signature style all over. The environment is dirty and claustrophobic, but it’s vast and metallic too. Everything around the player is pipes, steel, and wires.

With the cyborg player character on the loose, the dark visage fills with blood and gore. The bleak background gets a fill of radiant red blood through all the carnage. The demo so far shows a very linear experience, but there is more story to tell.

Ghostrunner is a dystopian ninja game full of hostility. The demo is available on Steam, so players need to give it a try.

Feature image courtesy of Ghostrunner/Official Website

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