Giancarlo Esposito talks about ‘Far Cry 6’ dictator Anton Castillo


Far Cry 6 is now confirmed with Giancarlo Esposito as the primary villain. In an interview, the Breaking Bad legend details who Anton Castillo is.

In many instances, the hallmark of a Far Cry 6 game is the main villain. Anton Castillo is this iteration’s dictator, the tyrant of an island nation named Yara. Above all, he controls his entire government from his seat in the capital city of Esperanza.

Esposito plays as a charismatic dictator

Giancarlo Esposito is one of the premier villains of modern TV. His Breaking Bad character, Gus Fring, is the epitome of a two-faced character.

As Fring, Esposito was calm, calculating, and even agreeable. Under all these was a ruthless, Machiavellian drug kingpin with unlimited power. His ability to portray a cutthroat character and show unparalleled charisma is hard to deny.

In an interview, Esposito talked about his role as a dictator in the new Far Cry. He discussed many details, including his layered characterization. Furthermore, he also discussed the challenges of working in a mocap suit for the first time gave him.

“As an actor, I use building blocks to build a character,” noted Esposito. “This particular character – Anton’s ability to lead is what drives him. His ability to create a better world for his people is what drives him.”

In the story, Anton’s tyrannical nature is only upended by his inherent charisma. His calm and collected ability to talk people into cruelty sets him apart. Even then, Esposito believes his character is well-meaning.

Anton Castillo “means good,” says Esposito

In another interview, Esposito noted that the Far Cry 6 dictator means well for his country. Anton Castillo is there to keep his country together and be the pin that binds it.

“He really means good, but he’s in a world that’s moving progressively forward faster than he is,” Esposito noted in the interview. “And he has to find the assets that his people have to be able to exploit those assets and allow his people to believe in him, all this in the midst of a civil revolution that’s happening in his country by several different factions that he’s got to put down…and he’s trying to raise a son.”

In the game, it’s the player’s job to end the dictatorship of Castillo. Players take on the role of a character named Dani Rojas, a character that can be a man or woman. Furthermore, players are a part of a revolution that aims to take down Castillo and his tyranny.

Far Cry 6 is set to release on February 18, 2021. Meanwhile, the game has a superb trailer that is a must-watch for fans of the franchise.

Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft/YouTube Screenshot

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