Giannis shows gratitude to Bucks fans this season

Giannis shows gratitude to Bucks fans this season

Giannis Antetokounmpo showed his gratitude to the Bucks fans and slightly hints that he will return to the team next season.

The Milwaukee Bucks are just one event away from imploding after an early exit from the bubble. They held the league’s best record during the regular season but again failed to convert late in the Playoffs.

Unfortunately, the margin of error for the team is getting slimmer as the seasons go by. Yes, Giannis is still young, but if the front office or the coaching staff continue to fail to deliver, the team just might lose its priced gem in Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Giannis Antetokounmpo hints at returning to the Bucks

Giannis, in a twitter post, thanked the Bucks fans for sticking with the team throughout the season. He said,

“Thank you Milwaukee for all the love and support you showed my teammates and I this season. You guys are the best fans in the league. I can’t wait for next season! #ThroughTheWall#Antetokounbros

The ‘ThroughTheWall’ hashtag is related to his statement earlier that he will fight through the challenges ahead. He said that he wouldn’t demand a trade to any winning team. After all, he’s had a long lunch meeting with the Milwaukee Bucks governor.

In the conversation, they reportedly talked about dipping into the luxury tax area just to get Giannis the help that he needs to win. That is despite the team having high-caliber players around him. However, Giannis still doesn’t have a clear second guy. As such, the Bucks want to go all-in.

Other teams are lurking to pry the Greek Freak away

Committing going into the luxury tax area is not a guarantee that Giannis will stay with the team. He will naturally have to listen to what other teams have to offer to him. After all, there are 29 other teams that will want the superstar on their team.

However, not all of those 29 teams have what it takes to win it all. Right now, only the Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, and the Toronto Raptors are the ideal team to land the potential back-to-back MVP.

The Warriors top the list because their championship window hasn’t closed yet, similar to what Shaun Livingston said. They still have Steph Curry in his prime. It is still a toss-up if Klay Thompson will be demanded if a trade happens.

Be that as it may, until Giannis inks his name on the dotted line for a max contract, his future with the Bucks still hangs in the balance. There is still plenty of action that can happen between now and the start of the next season in relation to Giannis’ future with the Bucks.

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