Gigi Hadid addressed plastic surgery rumors amid pregnancy

Gigi Hadid addressed plastic surgery rumors amid pregnancy

Gigi Hadid recently talked about pregnancy and addressed all the plastic surgery rumors that have emerged since Fashion Weeks.

Gigi Hadid and boyfriend, Zayn Malik, surprised their fans upon confirming their pregnancy. While congratulations should be in order due to the good news, several individuals have reportedly continued to accuse her of getting into plastic surgery.

Recently, though, she finally broke her silence about the issue and set the stories straight. She also opened up about her pregnancy, which is due in fall.

Gigi, Bella Hadid, and plastic surgery accusations

Since their emergence to fame, especially on runways and shoots, Bella and Gigi Hadid have faced tons of accusations that they have had surgical procedures to enhance their looks and appearances. Although they seemingly always remain silent about such issues, their mother, Yolanda, has denied all of these things, according to Cheat Sheet.

Last year, the then-supermodel cleared out before the public that neither of her daughters has received plastic surgery. Reports also noted that she has opened about her own surgeries in the past. So, this may reportedly be the reason why the public thinks her daughters did too.


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Gigi Hadid addressed the latest rumors

Gigi Hadid recently went live on social media, alongside Maybelline’s make-up expert, Erin Parsons. Amid the pandemic crisis, the duo had a “walk through” on how to have a “Zoom-friendly make-up look,” as per Harper’s Bazaar.

During the live session, the model reportedly “spoke candidly” about the ongoing plastic surgery rumors about her. She said that several individuals “think” that she had “fillers,” which makes her face “round.”

But, in her defense, Gigi told the make-up artist that she had had her cheeks since she was a child. She also reportedly went on to finally end the rumors about the plastic surgeries. She asserted that she has never “injected” anything into her face. “It terrifies me,” she added. 

Despite having fears, Gigi Hadid still shared that she is “so happy” for people who do “whatever they want that makes them happy.”

About her pregnancy with Zayn Malik

As she debunks all the existing rumors about her and plastic surgeries, Gigi Hadid also talked about her pregnancy, according to Page Six. As reported, the Victoria’s Secret model revealed that she “walked runways” amid the early periods of her pregnancy.

She also reportedly noted that this might have affected the way she looked. But, when the Maybelline expert “wondered” whether she will experience further changes in her face and body amid the pregnancy, Gigi reportedly “shrugged it off.”

She said that she is “happy” with the “natural process of the world.” Don’t worry, Gigi Hadid said. 


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