Gigi Hadid ‘roasted’ after touting ‘ugly’ home interior

Gigi Hadid spent her 2019 “designing” her “dream home.”

Following all the news about her pregnancy, Gigi Hadid recently gave a glimpse of her new apartment in New York City. She took to Instagram to “show off” her latest “passion project,” her dream home.

The photos feature the interior decors and designs of some of the spaces inside the apartment. These spaces include her shower room, bathroom, kitchen space, living room, and bedroom.

Gigi Hadid bought her apartment in 2018

The 25-year-old model owns two units in the same building where she currently resides. She bought her first unit in 2015 for over AU$ 5.5 million.

Three years later, Gigi Hadid purchased a much more spacious unit for $5.82 million, according to the New York Post. This is reportedly the particular unit that she has showcased on social media recently.

While reports revealed the cost of the apartment unit, it remains undisclosed how much she spent on the decors and designs. But, as noted, she utilized the “bohemian inspiration” for the overall aesthetics of her new home.

She spent a year designing and curating her “dream spot”

Earlier this week, Gigi Hadid shared with her millions of followers what she has done with her new apartment. She also revealed the amount of time that she spent on “designing and curating” her “dream spot.”

Aside from the photos that she posted on Instagram, she also sent a few snaps on her “stories,” Elle reiterated. As noted, she “enthusiastically” shared the results of her year-long effort and hard work.

Her posts come with a lengthy caption, thanking all the help that her “favorite creatives” gave her. She then mentioned her “mamma,” whom she described as the “greatest homemaking-sounding-board” that she could ask for.

Netizens deem her home “ugly”

Despite Gigi Hadid’s happiness and excitement toward her new apartment, netizens have “roasted” her on social media, as per News. As reported, several individuals have deemed her dream home “ugly.”

Some also reportedly slammed her for her “abysmal interior design taste.” As asserted, she made her Manhattan apartment look like a “student hostel chain.”

While others have continued to criticize her “unique” taste, some individuals have “mocked” her chosen designs and decors. Among all, it is the “inedible dyed pasta cabinet” that has reportedly caught the attention of many.

Amid all the criticisms and roasts, though, on social media, Gigi Hadid has seemingly remained silent about the matter.

Image used courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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