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Gigi Hadid explains why she has kept her pregnancy private


Gigi Hadid shared her reasons why she has chosen to keep her pregnancy private.

Three months have already passed since Gigi Hadid confirmed her pregnancy publicly. Speaking to the celebrity host, Jimmy Fallon, the model gave little insights on her journey to becoming a mother.

Despite confirming the news via online interview, several sources reportedly revealed the pregnancy weeks earlier. This is why many have taken an interest as to why she has chosen to keep everything private. Some even claimed that she was hiding it, as per reports.

Gigi Hadid allegedly hiding baby bump

Earlier this month, Gigi Hadid seemingly slammed one of the claims about her. In the headline, it says that she reveals how she “disguises” her pregnancy, according to People.

Following the publication’s post, the model responded via Twitter and clarified that she is not “hiding” anything. She then said that she will be “proud and happy” to share all about it in time.

While the 25-year-old model ended the first tweet with “thanks,” she wrote another tweet. She revealed that she is “proudly experiencing” her pregnancy with her “family and loved ones.”

She gave a “glimpse” to her baby bump

Gigi Hadid is due in September, as per Elle. Two months before her due date, she went live on Instagram and treated fans and followers with a “glimpse” of her pregnancy.

Several reports noted that she showed her baby bump during the live session. She then went on to share how “grateful” she is for all the “positive comments” and concerns about her health from the fans. “Everything is going great,” Gigi started.

Why she has kept it private

After sharing her appreciation toward her followers, Gigi Hadid revealed her reasons why she has kept her journey “private,” according to Cheat Sheet. She reportedly said that it has become “confusing” for many people as to why she is not “sharing more” about her pregnancy.

The model continued to explain that she is “pregnant through a pandemic.” Accordingly, she reportedly thinks that her journey is not the “most important thing” as of the moment in the world.

She also went on to mention the pandemic crisis that has already taken over 620,000 lives across the globe. Aside from this, there is also the “reemergence” of the Black Lives Matter movement. So, she reportedly thought that her social media presence “should be used” for these things.

Gigi Hadid then pointed out that this is her reason why she felt that she does not need to share her pregnancy “apart” from her family and friends.

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