Gilead Science stocks soar as remdesivir seen as possible COVID-19 cure

Gilead Sciences is enjoying a boost on its stocks as trial of its possible COVID-19 cure, remdesivir, yields positive result.

As the world races to find a cure for COVID-19, one particular drug is showing positive results in clinical trials. Remdesivir, a drug from Gilead Sciences, appears to be able to shorten recovery time to just 11 days. This is an especially good news for its maker, and its stocks are off to the roof.

Recent Gilead Sciences stock performance are also positive. Because of the positive results of its drug, the market responds quite positively as well. The company has given about 1.5 million free doses of the drug to medical institutions, and will start to charge once it runs out.

Clinical trial yields positive result

In a recent publication, the New England Journal of Medicine confirms that remdesivir shortens the recovery time of patients. Despite this, experts are still wary of claiming victory over the virus. They say that while the drug yields positive results, it is still not an official cure yet.

The researchers publish:

“Ultimately, the findings support remdesivir as the standard therapy for patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and requiring supplemental oxygen therapy.”

The trial encompasses more than 1000 COVID-19 patients from 60 different medical institutions. After the test, researchers found out that the drug helps in reducing recovery time from 15 to just 11 days.

The researchers want to reiterate that the drug is still in its clinical test. They are planning to conduct more test in order to prove the actual efficacy of the drug. Once proven that the drug is effective and safe, medical experts can start distributing it for massive use.

More clinical trials

This recent result is fueling hope that a cure against the virus may be found soon. Aside from remdesivir, there are also a handful of existing drugs that are currently undergoing clinical trials. A number of drug manufacturers are also working on a vaccine against COVID-19.

As researchers race through the clock, medical experts continue to advise people to avoid populated places. Since there is no cure available yet, curbing the spread of the virus is of utmost importance for experts. Experts encourage people to continue following social distancing rules.

Researchers will move on to the next phase of clinical trials for remdesivir. As the world waits for a cure, experts are optimistic about these recent developments.

Image courtesy of Dimitri Karastelev/Unsplash

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