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Girl’s Generation’s Hyoyeon shares how COVID-19 affects her work


On the January 27 episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Girl’s Generation’s Hyoyeon made a special appearance as a guest!

Hyoyeon actively works as a DJ at clubs and EDM festivals. She also has released solo EDM singles under the name DJ Hyo.

The Radio Star show asked her how the COVID-19 situation impacted her work as a DJ, putting social distancing guidelines to prevent the virus’s spread.

Receiving invitations amid the pandemic

She said that she just recently went to Taiwan, which had very few COVID-19 cases. She got an invitation to a significant event by the Taiwanese government.

In Taiwan, COVID-19 determined and confirmed a variant case on the morning of the event, altering the event to be no longer in-person. At the event, she was the DJ and also performed her song Dessert.

Hyoyeon also shared that she received many invitations to work as a DJ in some other countries.

She said that most of the DJs dream of going to the Netherlands because many considered it the DJs’ birthplace.

She was fortunate enough to get the chance to perform in the Netherlands. Hyoyeon did very well because she got to perform in front of famous producers.

Since she was a newbie, the producers gave her thirty minutes, yet she showed everything she could to provide them with her best.

However, Hyoyeon shared that she thought of changing her full-time job as a DJ, that she even sent a long text message to the founder of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man, about her dream.

Hoyoyeon on changing career path

Hyoyeon has been part of SM Entertainment since she was 12 years old and asked whether she would become a board of directors. The current members of the board are BoA, Kangta, and actor Kim Min Jong.

She responded that TVXQ’s Yunho would, of course, become a member first. If it happens, the company would have dinner after an SMTOWN concert, Yunho and some passionate people would always be sitting near Lee Soo Man.

Changmin, Yunho, and Minho are diligent club members, and among them, Yunho is the best when it comes to taking care of people and accommodating them if they had a tough time.

Image courtesy of SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

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