Girls’ Generation’s YoonA launches YouTube channel

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA has now started and launched her personal YouTube channel.

On November 27, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA shared her first-ever video on her channel YoonA’s So Wonderful Day. The video shows that the first meeting between the staff and the star talked about the content.

Moreover, she will be putting up for fans on the new official Instagram account and YouTube channel.

YoonA requested for it

The artist talked about the topic of why she decided to start her official account. YoonA said that she thought it would be good to have something official to show fans her schedule. She also wanted to share what she is up to lately, which is why she requested it.

She shared that she thought it would be good to have a separate space to upload things she likes. Another platform would be useful rather than putting everything on her personal Instagram.

The fandom name

YoonA briefly explained that the channel shares the name with her fan meeting So Wonderful Day. She also said that she had to come up with a name based on her group, Girls’ Generation’s fandom name.

The fans of Girls’ Generation are called SONE, which is also pronounced as So-won in Korean.

The artist and the staff went to talk about the color scheme of her Instagram account. Some of the ideas are using the shushing emoticon when posting about her drama Hush. She worked on designing the channel’s header and logo herself.

They tested negative

Moreover, the producers halted the filming of their drama because of the threat of COVID-19. The background actor of the drama tested positive for COVID-19.

However, the agency wanted to test stars Hwang Jung Min, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, and all the staff for COVID-19. Fortunately, the actors YoonA and Hwang Jung Min tested negative for COVID-19.


Image courtesy of GIRLS’ GENERATION/YouTube Screenshot

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