Girls’ Generation’s YoonA reveals how she condition herself for new role

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA reveals visiting a police station and newspaper company to study to perform well for her new role in the upcoming drama Hush.

Yoona’s new character motto is, “A pen is mightier than a gun, but the food is mightier than a pen.” Portraying the character of Ji Soo, YoonA talked about her plans to show a new version of herself.

Lee Ji Soo is a woman full of new ideas, and with it, she will be turning the office of the newspaper outlet Daily Korea upside down.

Yoona’s character is a strong and refreshingly direct person, but she also hides something deep inside.

Through an incident, her happy everyday family life was shaken up, which led her to dream of joining Daily Korea. And after meeting Han Joon Hyuk, she becomes a real reporter.

YoonA on mastering her new role

YoonA revealed that she visited a police station and newspaper company to see where real reporters work to play her role well.

The actress also divulged that she researched her character while getting bits of advice about the questions she’d prepared.

Yoona continued that she didn’t know the details about how reporters work, although she sees them often.

Previously, through teaser videos and posters, the actress revealed her short hair cut for the role.

She expressed that there was a description of her in the script that said she has short hair. By reading that, she fully agreed and cut her hair.

To show who Lee Ji Soo is, she thought a lot about what hairstyle would be the best. “That’s how I completed the look that I have now,” she said.

Undertaking a relatable role

Finally, YoonA shared that the role she’s about to take is someone with unique and clear views and rationale. The character is also someone who always speaks out.

The actress shared that her character is compelling and relatable. Just like the character’s ideology, “Food is mightier than a pen,” Lee Ji Soo shoulders the burdens of reality.

However, despite the harshness of life, she doesn’t give up and keeps passionately confronting obstacles head-on.


Image courtesy of Yoona’s So Wonderful Day/YouTube Screenshot

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