Glamour allegedly ignores Fox News women in highly coveted profiles

Glamour allegedly ignores Fox News women in highly coveted profiles

Glamour allegedly snubs Fox News women from the magazine, according to a report.

Glamour has allegedly been ignoring the women from Fox News, and some media insiders have been complaining about it, a report says. Many noticed that the magazine had avoided the talents from the network despite their contribution to the press.

Glamour allegedly snubs Fox News women

Glamour has reinvented itself from a style magazine to an issues-based magazine and has since done a series of highly coveted profiles on the most impressive women on TV News, Page Six reported. However, several industry insiders were grumbling because the magazine seemed to avoid Fox News talents, including veterans Harris Faulkner and Dana Perino.

“With a long roster of powerful women at Fox News, it’s embarrassing that Samantha Barry is going out of her way to take care of CNN given her former employment there,” the insider told Page Six.

Since Barry took over Glamour’s editorial, she has done three profiles on CNN stars, including Dana Bash, Sara Sider, and Brooke Baldwin. There have been pieces of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor, NBC’s Antonia Hylton, and CBS’s Norah O’Donnell. It also published a piece entitled “Eight Black women journalists on reporting police brutality,” which included talent from CNN, NBC, and ABC.

The insiders added that when Barry took over her new post on Glamour, she said, “she wanted to focus on women’s issues.” She acknowledged that it spans across all women – liberal, conservative, independent. She also recognized the fact that “all women have stories.” Thus, the absence of Fox News women in the magazine irked the insiders.

Samantha’s work before Glamour gig

Samantha Barry became the chief-of-staff of Glamour in 2018, but prior to her gig in the magazine, she used to be the head of CNN’s social media. During her tenure, CNN’s biography noted that it “has become the most followed and fanned news organization in the world.” The network’s social coverage of the 2016 Election even received an Edward R. Murrow Award for excellence in social media, CNN reported.

When Barry accepted the job offer for the magazine, she said she was excited about its future. She also added that she was proud to lead the iconic women’s brand at a pivotal moment in all women’s voices.

Barry shares a tight friendship with Condé Nast artistic director and Vogue editor Anna Wintour. The latter had nothing but praises for her when she landed the gig on Glamour.

According to Wintour, Barry understands social media as a tool, and she knows how to use it for storytelling and reporting. She also knows how to find a way to utilize it to support social conversation and the changing contours of what’s cool. As a leader, she described Barry as fearless and as someone who has a crystal clear view of the magazine’s future and a reverence for Glamour’s history.


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