Global Digital Video Game industry sees 40% jump in 2021

The global video game industry is continuing to see a rising, upward trend in the market.

The global video gaming industry is surely going strong. The whole global digital video game industry has seen growth rapidly, with no signs of slowing down in the coming years.
Since most people are still shifting back to their homes and several other places, including lockdowns, it is becoming a norm for everyone to play video games as much as they want.

Mobile Games Revenues’ remarkable jump

According to the presented data, the entire video gaming market is expected to generate around $146b in revenue in 2021, a 40% increase in two years. Unlike many other sectors in the market, the video gaming industry shows a positive rise in trends.
Other sectors in the market have been dramatically affected by the COVID-19 crisis, but this industry has been far from resilient to the pandemic. Most video game developers have come forward and said that they had witnessed a record in the number of users and downloads compared to last year.

Millions of people have turned to video games amid the lockdown. In 2019, the digital gaming industry generated a proper revenue of about $104.4bn in revenue and revealed the Statista survey. According to the pandemic struck, the revenue has surged to $128.3bn in 2020.
Altogether, according to the recent statistics, the global revenue will continually raise around $17.6bn in 2021, and by 2025, the unified market is set to reach $207.6bn value. The revenue has no sign of decreasing because the video game developers and makers are making it quite the buzz in the market.

Mobile games are quite the buzz

The streaming of the video games industry, mobile games have witnessed the most significant growth in the last two years. In around 2021, mobile gaming revenue is expected to rise and cover nearly $104bn, 44% more than 2019.
The entire market of video games is coming to a strong point as more and more people want to look through gaming and various other methods to get done with their home arrest due to the coronavirus.
Online gaming has shown a proper surge in the numbers during the pandemic as a popular activity that can help counter physical distancing amid all the lockdowns. Statistics show that online gaming revenue will start to rise about 36% more in the two years.
The United States follows with $30.3bn in revenue this year, compared to $23bn in 2019. This means that by coming 2025, the US mobile games will see more downloads and better gaming networks markets that are forecasted to reach around $42.4bn value.


Image courtesy of chatpat toy tv/YouTube

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