GlobeDX: The ‘Coinbase’ for crypto derivatives

In the very competitive and volatile market of cryptocurrencies, a favorable platform where consumers and institutions can facilitate their transactions is both an advantage and a luxury – one that GlobeDX can provide.

A cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that was once dubbed the “Coinbase for derivatives,” GlobeDX is now the only remaining platform open to the public with low latency, delivering 3-microsecond latencies and extreme throughput and performance during major market moves.

Its open access data and Globe Research also help in leveling the playing field data-wise between traders and institutional investors.

The GlobeDX Origins

The GlobeDX origins can be traced back to two incredible men: James West and Shaun Ng.

West is a technologist, digital assets pioneer and former investor and trader while Ng is a crypto-trader enthusiast and former theoretical physicist. 

West would later become the Chief Executive Officer of GlobeDX while Ng would serve as its Chief Technology Officer.

The duo originally planned to launch a crypto market-making business but soon came to realize that it wasn’t the largest gap in the markets but the exchange side of things that gave birth to their derivatives exchange platform.

“I had realized quite how much crypto was going to change things and how much of an opportunity there was to go do that,” West said of their realizations before starting GlobeDX.

What the GlobeDX brings into the game

Existing crypto derivatives exchanges share some similar flaws that include lack of innovation, being difficult to use and invasive, cracking from even just a small pressure from the market, unsafe custody of assets and lack of institutional protection as well as API support.

GlobeDX and its team exerted a tremendous amount of effort to solve these issues. Its launch paves the way for new types of crypto futures while bringing together under just one roof the existing fragmented perpetuals.

Users can also sign up in a matter of seconds for the platform that is also able to withstand market pressure levels that previous generation exchanges can’t.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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