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Go Min Si reveals her closest ‘Sweet Home’ cast member, ideal future projects


Go Min Si, a remarkable star of Netflix’s hit series Sweet Home, sat down with Esquire Korea to talk about her closest co-star in the drama series and other personal topics.

Go Min Si revealed some personal details during the interview. She shared how she always carries around hand cream and a lip balm in her handbag.

Since Go Min Si’s favorite style item is shoes, she pairs them with plain outfits as she likes.

The actress’s three favorite movies are the Hong Kong film Kramer vs. Kramer, Comrades: Almost a Love Story, and Pulp Fiction.

Go Min Si’s closest star in “Sweet Home”

The horror Netflix series, Sweet Home, features humans that turn into monsters. The actress took on the role of a former ballerina who quit due to Lee Eun Yoo’s injury.

Regarding Go Min Si’s closest cast member of Sweet Home in real life, she settled on actress Park Gyu Young, who played Ji Soo’s role.

She shared that they filmed a lot while relying on each other, so they quickly became close.

The actress was also asked how she will react if she encounters monsters in real life. She then answered that she would put up a brave fight.

Her weapons would be something electrical or a baseball bat like Ji Soo’s. “Something fire or electrical, and I’d put up a good fight,” she added.

Being opposite to her role in the drama

Furthermore, Go Min Si revealed that she is not as aggressive as her role on Sweet Home.

She then explained that although she is honest and pretty easygoing, the actress still found it challenging to perform on the scenes she had to curse.

Go Min Si also admitted that she had to practice the hand gesture her character is known for about 1,000 times.

Meanwhile, the actress responded about the future projects she wants to take that she’d like to participate in a piece that has her wearing hanbok.

A passionate romantic melodrama or a historical drama is what she’s most interested in.

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