‘God of War’ director interested in developing ‘Silent Hill’ remaster

'God of War' director interested in developing 'Silent Hill' remake

The director of the latest God of War installment expressed interest in creating a remaster of the original Silent Hill title.

Creative director Cory Barlog has cemented his place among the greatest game developers of this generation, thanks to his work on the 2018 smash hit God of War.

When he’s not plotting the deaths of mythical beings, Barlog can be found on Twitter taking interest in other games such as Last of Us 2 and Silent Hill.

In fact, the director responded to a question on Twitter a few weeks back asking which of four titles he would choose to receive a remaster. The choice was between Metal Gear Solid, Twisted Metal, Xenogears, and Silent Hill.

Barlog was fairly blunt with his answer, as he replied “Silent Hill. And let me do it.”

Silent Hill, a series dormant but never forgotten

Once upon a time, the Silent Hill franchise was the pinnacle of the psychological survival horror genre. Despite not having a mainline installment in eight years, the acclaimed series still managed to inspire much of the recent horror titles we know and love today.

While rumors have been circulating the internet about a new Silent Hill project in development for the upcoming PlayStation 5, publisher Konami recently shot down allegations of a reboot, leaving the fate of the series in limbo.

Infamous series villain Pyramid Head just made an appearance in the asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight, however, which does lend the rumors a little more credibility.

That being said, it is highly unlikely that gamers will ever see Barlog working on the Silent Hill franchise—though, it is fun to imagine how the mind behind the most recent Kratos would re-imagine the horror classic.

God of War 5

With the previous game’s massive success and an earth-shattering cliffhanger ending, all signs point to a God of War sequel on the horizon.

As rumor has it, the next installment in the franchise is going to be part of the first batch of exclusives on the PlayStation 5. However, publisher Sony and developer Santa Monica Studios have yet to leave any hints or confirmations regarding the matter.

The Santa Monica Studio Twitter page has been posting quite a few job listings as of late, which likely means they’re gearing up for a big project. Whether or not it has anything to do with God of War, we’ll just have to wait and see.

It’s been two years since Kratos’ adventure with his son Atreus. Here’s hoping gamers won’t have to wait much longer for the next chapter in the God of War saga.

Image courtesy of God of War/PlayStation

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