‘God of War’ director shares the idea for ‘The Mandalorian’ game!

Fans are crazy about The Mandalorian show. Even the God of War director has shown his love, saying that it deserves a game!

According to The Independent, Cory Balrog, director of 2018’s God of War, has shared his thoughts on The Mandalorian. He is seen praising the show in his latest tweets and how much it needs a video game adaptation! It also seems like a hint to Electronic Arts because that’s the studio having all the rights to make Star Wars games.

As of now, the Disney Plus Star Wars series is midway through its second season.

“The Mandalorian” video game theories

Cory Balrog has clearly shown his interest in a Mandalorian game. He wrote on his Twitter account:

“If someone isn’t working on a great single player Mandalorian game where you play a bounty hunter flying your ship from system to system picking up bounties, upgrading your Beskar armor, and getting into adventures, then I really don’t know what the hell we are doing here.”

“And by a great single-player, I mean a strong focus on character development with relatable human triumphs, losses, + seemingly impossible decisions to wrestle with. Not just shooting, but surviving – both physically and emotionally. though I would hope the shooting would be fun.”

Electronic Arts might notice his wish in the coming months. Their previous two releases have received a great response. They were the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, in 2019, and this year’s Star Wars: Squadrons.

Although currently, there’s no situation of a Mandalorian game, something similar happened back in 2002. At that time, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter was launched for Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 consoles. But in that title, the protagonist was Jango Fett. The story was set before Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

Future of Star Wars Disney Plus series

Pedro Pascal’s show is once again getting huge love and appreciation from the viewers. He plays Din Djarin, a bounty hunter who travels through the galaxy with the Child. The latter’s real name is Grogu, but social media made him famous as Baby Yoda.

The ongoing season has hyped all die-hard followers with various twists and reveals. First, they witnessed Ahsoka Tano and then Boba Fett. Not just that, viewers also got to know about the Child’s actual name. New characters like Admiral Thrawn will also appear soon. He was mentioned in Ahsoka’s dialogue in Chapter five.

The Mandalorian season 2’s next episode premieres this Friday on the Disney Plus platform. There are a total of eight chapters this year as well, just like its debut in 2019.


Image courtesy of PlayStation Access/YouTube Screenshot

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