‘God of War: Ragnarok’ is not likely to arrive this year

Although it’s not official yet, industry insiders believe that God of War: Ragnarok is reportedly getting a delay. It won’t arrive this year.

Sony hasn’t made any announcement on God of War: Ragnarok. But the latest sources say that it will soon confirm the delay.

The fans won’t like it at all.

‘God of War: Ragnarok’: What’s the status so far?

Well-known journalist Jason Schreier was the first person who initially broke the news of a possible delay.

Recently, he was asked regarding God of War: Ragnarok on his Twitter account. And in his response, he said that the game has already been postponed a few months back.

He added that the anticipated sequel was delayed internally months ago. And Sony will probably make it official in the coming months.

Developing studio, Santa Monica hasn’t given any fresh update since the last few months. That might also indicate that the game won’t arrive in 2021 at all.

While not very surprising, it’s disappointing to know that players will miss the chance of having it this year.

However, there must be a good cause behind the move if Sony has ultimately decided to push it further in 2022.

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The reason behind the delay

The first and foremost reason for postponing Ragnarok can be that Santa Monica wants to make it more refined so that the eventual version won’t have any problems regarding gameplay and smoothness.

It will be good for the developing team since it will have enough period to complete all necessary modifications.

There won’t be pressured to finish everything before the deadline since the release is delayed now.

It’s because everyone has already witnessed such a situation.

Remember Cyberpunk 2077?

The CD Projekt RED title paid a high price of making a rush in its launch last year. Upon its release, there was a huge controversy surrounding the open-world game.

Players complained about how bad it was to run it on the latest consoles. The number of bugs and issues was also enormous.

Simply put, CDPR didn’t implement proper optimization because it wanted to have it available to everyone as soon as possible.

That was the biggest mistake made by the Polish developer.

And Sony will surely try not to commit any such blunder when it comes to a title like God of War: Ragnarok. That’s why it must have changed its mind regarding the launch period.

What are your thoughts on studios pushing anticipated games further? Do you think that it’s justified?

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Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube

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