‘God of War: Ragnarok’ to be inspired by ‘The Last of Us 2’!

If you remember the gameplay of The Last of Us 2 from last year, something similar might arrive in God of War: Ragnarok as well!

The Naughty Dog sequel had the option of playing as Abby, along with Ellie. And God of War: Ragnarok might provide the same opportunity for Atreus, the son of Kratos.

‘God of War: Ragnarok’ and ‘The Last of Us 2’ connection

Many people might not be knowing this, but the first God of War (2018) was highly inspired by The Last of Us.

Recently, Santa Monica concept artist Samuel Matthews spoke on the God of War podcast. And he revealed that the team is heavily inspired by The Last of Us 2 when it comes to taking story ideas.

He said that players would take control of Atreus this time, just like Ellie and Abby from TLOU2.

It implies that God of War: Ragnarok will give you two main playable characters. First is Kratos, of course, and the other one will be his son Atreus.

Speaking of how The Last of Us 2 inspires it, the Naughty Dog’s first part mainly had Joel as a playable character.

But the second installment made Ellie a central part and gave a chance to be Abby.

Samuel Matthews also said that Santa Monica would look up to TLOU2 for Ragnarok‘s gameplay.

It will be interesting to see how fans react to Atreus becoming a playable option along with his father. Because The Last of Us 2 did receive criticism doing this kind of experiment regarding Abby, apart from Ellie.

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Upcoming video games

Meanwhile, the gaming arena is growing each month with multiple heavyweights and massive arrivals.

And this year has a lot to offer, still, in its remaining seven months.

Speaking of fresh releases coming soon, then several potential blockbusters include Halo Infinite and Far Cry 6.

STALKER 2, Horizon Forbidden West, a new Call of Duty entry, Dying Light 2, and GhostWire: Tokyo are also anticipated.

But that’s not it!

The vast line-up expands further with the likes of Deathloop, Biomutant, No More Heroes 3, Humankind, and Stray.

Psychonauts 2, Little Devil Inside, Cyber Shadow, Shadow Warrior 3, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is other crucial launches.

Several recently announced projects making a debut soon are The Day Before, Etched Memories, and Glitchpunk.

Coming onto God of War: Ragnarok, again, then it’s expected to be launched in 2021 for PS4 and PS5.

What are your thoughts on all the major games arriving this year? Are you hyped for them?

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